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Our Services

  • Workforce scheduling

    ClockIt-Online is the online employee portal where everybody can look up their duty roster
    Managers can use ClockIt-Online for online employee scheduling or use

    ClockIt-Offline - a desktop software - to set up the duty roster and share it with the team by uploading it to ClockIt-Online.

  • Manage leave

    Use ClockIt-Online for keeping track of leave requests. Members can request leave online. Managers can approve/deny the request.

  • Custom reports

    Are you looking for a way to simplify the workflow within your company or if you want to switch to paperless administration ..

    Work with us and we'll extend ClockIt-Online with your requirements.

  • Cloud

    • We'll keep your data save for minimum 3 years.
    • Sync your data with Google, iCloud & Outlook calendar.
    • Access your account at different locations, with different devices.