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Our Services

  • Workforce scheduling

    ClockIt-Online is the online employee portal where everybody can look up their duty roster
    Managers can use ClockIt-Online for online employee scheduling or use

    ClockIt-Offline - a desktop software - to set up the duty roster and share it with the team by uploading it to ClockIt-Online.

  • Requests & manage leave

    • Allow your employees to request leave.
    • Managers get a notification of the request.
    • Customize the look & feel.
    • Managers can approve or deny requests.
    • Group based: managers can only handle requests of group members.
    • Employees get a notification of the request update.

  • View & update duty rosters

    • Allow your employees to view their shift roster.
    • Manage meetings with one or more participants.
    • Shift based: assign fixed work.
    • Day, week or month view.
    • Managers can modify the shift schedule online and offline.
    • Group based: managers can only change shifts of group members.
    • Use ClockIt-Offline and upload your duty roster.

  • Other features

    • Dashboard: all info on one page.
    • Mail: communicate with your team.
    • Punch clock in / out, with attendance & time tracking.
    • Notification of todo's.
    • You'll get your own forum to share idea's with your colleagues.
    • Create group and assign roles.
    • Upload & share files with your staff.