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Before you can upload/download shift assignments from ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator to ClockIt-Online, you have to make sure the your employees in ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator have a filled in e-mail address (option employee settings). And a ClockIt-Online user account with the same e-mail address has to exist.

Next, select the range you want to upload (or download) and press the quick upload (or quick download) button :

Finally, login to ClockIt-Online and check your duty roster:

Once uploaded, follow the same procedure if you want to download your shift assignments from ClockIt-Online to your ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator duty roster.

After logging in, all departments from ClockIt-Online are compared with the ones of your current schedule. This way, new or deleted departments are discovered. In that case, you'll see the message "department x needs to be synchronized."

Press the Synchronize button to upload all changes.

After logging in, all shifts from ClockIt-Online are compared with the ones of your current schedule. This way, new, deleted or updated shifts are discovered. In that case, you'll see the message "shift x needs to be synchronized."

Press the Synchronize button to upload all changes.

ClockIt Online is an extension for ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator and allows you to make your duty rosters easily available for your employees.

Once your schedule is created in ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator, you can upload it to ClockIt-Online. But before doing that, you have to synchronize all your shifts and departments so they are known in ClockIt-Online.

First thing you need to do is to create a new account (if you haven't done so already). You can create a - 30 day free - account and create your employee accounts.

Before you can upload your schedule, you'll first have to synchronize your shifts and departments. All options can be found under the menu ClockIt-Online:

ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator

We're using an open standard to translate ClockIt in to other languages, the only thing you need is to download the ClockIt source file and to download a PO-file editor. You can find various PO-file editors on the web. We recommend using po-edit.

So, download the source file + download and install a po-editor.

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the download source file to your ClockIt installation folder, overwite the "locale" folder.
  2. Open the folder named "locale".
  3. Select the folder "nl", right click and choose "copy"
  4. Unselect the folder, right click and choose "paste"
  5. You should see a folder with name "nl_2" or "nl copy" or something similar.
  6. Rename this folder to the ISO country code for your new translation. See wikipedia as reference.
  7. Open the "default.po" file within this folder\LC_MESSAGES with your po file editor.
  8. Translate a few rows, save (and generate the .mo file if not done automatically) and check the result by opening ClockIt and changing the language preference in the menu help > Select language.
  9. and most important, after translation, send it to us, we'll post in on our website so others can use or continue your work!

By default, your ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator duty roster is displayed with three headers:
In the first, the year and the month are shown, in the second the week number and in the third the day number.

In the settings (Menu > Options > Settings) at the Schedule Look > Display Options, you can modify the number of headers to show, as well as the information to display :

ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator - Display Settings

With this option, some predefined variables are available, and identified with a %, but you can add custom text as well.

Following variables can be used:

%j : Day of the month without leading zeros.1 to 31
%d : Day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros. 01 to 31
%D : A textual representation of a day, three letters. Mon through Sun
%L : A full textual representation of the day of the week. Sunday through Saturday

%n : Numeric representation, without leading zeros. 1 to 12
%m : Numeric representation, with leading zeros. 01 to 12
%M : A short textual representation, three letters. Jan through Dec
%F : A full textual representation of a month. January through December

%y : A two digit representation of a year eg 08
%Y : A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits. eg 2008

A special variable is /n which is used to display the date information on different lines.

For example

the value %D %j /n %M /n %Y will display following information:
Sun 1 Jan 2008

the value %j %M %y will display following information:
1 Jan 08

You can select a predefined format from the list, or you can add your own display format by combining the given variables with your custom text.

A shift example:

  • from 0830 to 1015
  • 15 minute paid break
  • 1030 to 1200
  • 1 hour unpaid break
  • 1300 to 1530

First, go to the setup menu and enter all data for your new shift:

shift setup screen

Because we have to define shift ranges up to a quarter, we'll have to adjust
the timeline interval. To do this, click with our right mouse button on the
timeline, and select a time interval of 15 minutes:

setting time interval 15 minutes time interval

Now you can setup your shift range:

From 0830 to 1015: Click at the 0830 mark and drag your
mouse pointer to the 1015 mark and press the ins button (on
your keyboard):

selecting range adding shift item

You'll notice the "worked hours" are instantly updated.

A 15 minutes paid break:

A paid break has to be defined the same way as a normal shift item. Select
the time range for this break and press the ins button to add

adding range adding shift item

The 1030 to 1200 range:

This is done the same way as above. But because this shift item is based upon
half an hour, you could set your interval to 30 minutes before inserting this

One hour unpaid break:

Because it's an unpaid break, you may not define this shift item, simply leave
it blanc.

The 1300 to 1530 range:

Again, the same as above, but this shift will also show the employee
is not scheduled for the 1200 to 1300 range:

shift item view

Note: the view above is created with a 30 minute time interval.
Because of this, shift items that 'overlap' within this interval are shown on
two or more lines (as viewed above)

Some Tips & Tricks:

Changing the shift item range:

  • Or select the side of it: and adjust its length
  • Or double click the item and adjust its range in the displayed menu:

shift range adjustment

Get the 'real' item range without changing the time interval:

  • You can double click it to see the window shown above
  • You can move your mouse over it to display the help info:

shift item help info

To add a shift that passes midnight, you have to perform the same action as when adding a day shift.
The only thing that's different is that you'll have to create two "shift items" one with the time before midnight,
the other with the time after midnight. We've created some screenshots to explain this for a shift from 21:30 to 05:30 :

1. Because this shift uses half hours, you'll first have to set the time line to display half hours: right click on the time line and choose for '30 minutes'.

display setting

2. Next, select the part from midnight to 05h30 and press the ins-button.

first shift part

To indicate this shift part is scheduled on the next day, right click on this item and choose "Mark as calculate on next day"
After doing so, this shift part will have a red border (instead of the standard blue one).

calculate shift part on next day

The shift time of items marked as "calculate on next day" will be taken into account when determining the availability of your employees when assigning this shift, and also for calculating the worked time on a given day.

3. Finally, select the part from 21H30 'till midnight and press the ins-button.

second shift part

This faq is a solution for the error message "start time cannot be higher than the end time".

To assign multiple shifts to the same employee on the same day, you have to enable 'departments'. This is done by selecting "Options > Show Info Column" in the menu.

Menu Show InfoCol

After selecting this option, you'll see an additional column:

Extra Column

Click on a cell to add your department info, enter the text and press enter (or click somewhere else to save)

To add a new "shift line" for this employee, right click on the "infocol" and choose "Add shift line":

Add New Department
New Department

Now you can assign two shifts for this employee on the same day. If you need to add more departments, simply repeat this procedure.

To remove a shift line, simply right click on the infocol and choose "Delete Shift Line".
To remove the InfoCol, make sure each employee is only listed once (thus without departments), next click on the menu Option > Remove InfoCol

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