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employee scheduling software for desktop

ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator is our desktop software for employee planning. With it you'll be able to quickly schedule your employees by using the built-in queries, reports. ClockIt will even help you while creating the planning by notifying you when an assignment doesn't correspond with set up parameters, like hours to work, availability and so on.

But the best option in ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator is the automatic schedulng option. With it, ClockIt will automatically schedule your employees for the selected period with taking previous assignments & settings in to account.

Main features :

  • Scheduling notifications while planning.
  • Use the queries to get an overview of your labor planning.
  • Let ClockIt do the planning for you by using the automatic scheduling option.
  • Share your duty roster within your department or company.
  • Easy to use: You'll save a lot of time scheduling and maintaining your duty roster.
  • No restrictions regarding schedule period: schedule for one day or several months / years!
  • No restrictions regarding number of employees you can schedule: do the planning for one or several hundred employees!
  • More ...
employee scheduling software for online

ClockIt-Online is a web-application, designed as an HR portal for your company. The only thing you have to do is create an account and you can immediately start working!

Clockit-Online is different from most other planning software. The goal of ClockIt-Online is to provide your company with a portal, where your employees can request leave, view their duty roster, set availability and so on. So instead of you having planning meetings or having people interrupting you, your employees can simply login to ClockIt-Online and request their day off. The administrator(s) automatically receive an e-mail, and can approve or deny the day off with one click!

What's more, you'll have an instant archive of all requested leave for easily checking granted leave! Administrators are able to create and modify duty rosters online.

Main features :

  • Your employees have their own account.
  • Set up roles like user, administrator : each with their options and restrictions.
  • Schedule your employees online
  • Your employees can request leave, view their duty roster, ... by login on to ClockIt-Online.
  • You can handle leave request when you have the time.
  • Login to your account at any time & place.
  • More ...

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