Businesss solution

The es-software business solution is a combination of both ClockIt-Online and ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator.

Some of your employees, mostly the ones that have to do the planning like the employee department and / or your group chiefs use ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator to set up and maintain their duty roster.

All your employees have a ClockIt-Online account, they use for requesting leave, setting their availability and so on.

When scheduling, your ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator users, are able to download the leave requests of your employees, but also their availabilities and other information from ClockIt-Online directly into ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator, and use this as input while scheduling. When the duty roster is finished, the shift assignments can be uploaded back to ClockIt-Online so all your employees can see the updated planning !

The image below explains this better:

The ClockIt business solution

Note the double arrow between ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator and ClockIt-Online: this represents the communication between both software products !
Also note the arrows from the employee department/group chiefs going to ClockIt-Online and ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator: this is to indicate that both applications can be used to :

  • Schedule your employees.
  • Get a list of requested leave.
  • Get a list of your employees' availability.

We are convinced that the use of these products will simplify the communication within your company / origination.
We realize it's possible, this solution is not a 100% what you're looking for. Feel free to contact us, and explain what your requirements are !

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