What is ClockIt-Online?

ClockIt-Online is an online employee portal where administrator users can create and manage duty rosters and employee requests.

Each employee can login with their account and see their assignments, the company billboard, request leave, etc. Employees you set as administrator can do the employee scheduling for your department online, manage leave request etc.

Besides several modules (see below), ClockIt-Online offers an online datawarehouse of your HR actions and a data backup of several years.

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What do I need to use ClockIt-Online?

An internet connection. ClockIt-Online is hosted on our servers and can be accessed by using your favorite internet browser (like Internet explorer©, firefox©, safari© and others), you only have to create a business account to get started!

What options are available?

Currently, following online modules are available:

  • Sync to your google calendar, smartphone and tablet
  • Billboard
  • Send e-mail
  • Personal month calendar
  • Company month calendar
  • Duty roster: Online scheduling
  • Time Sheet
  • Agenda
  • Office management
  • Employee handling
  • Request leave
  • Leave request handling
  • Set availability
  • Manage shift definitions
  • Manage department definitions
  • Interface with ClockIt:Easy Schedule Creator

We continuously work on creating new modules or enhancing existing ones. Got a request? Let us know!

How does it work?

Once you've created your free business account, you can login to ClockIt-Online. Here you can create the accounts for your employees. (When you create an account for an employee, this employee will receive an e-mail notification will the information to login to ClockIt-Online.)

You can grant each user specific tasks, your employees could be given access to - for example - the module to request leave. Your HR-department or chiefs can be given access to the module to handle (approve / deny) leave requests. Eg. chiefs can be given access to assign shifts to their people.

In what languages is ClockIt-Online available

Currently, ClockIt-Online is only available in English.

How much will it cost me?

The use of ClockIt-Online will hold a license fee based upon the number of employee-accounts you've created. You can take advantage of ClockIt-Online for a monthly subscription. Please visit our order page for detailed information.
You can also try out ClockIt-Online yourself by creating a free business account that you can use during a period of 30 days.

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