ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator - Version History

Version 6.8.11 - released on October 31th 2010
»Assignment notification in the shift/day query issue solved.
»New main grid menu items: edit employee, add to assignable shift list.
»Smaller fixes & updates.

Version 6.8.10 - released on October 6th 2010
»Bug fix - out of memory issue.
»New functionality: ClockIt-Online interaction now supports proxy.

Version 6.8.9 - released on September 27th 2010
»Schedules created in the trial version can be saved now.

Version 6.8.8 - released on August 8th 2010
»Shift/day assignment verification updated.
»Now using the shift group and function settings for assignment verification.

Version 6.8.7
»Fix of page orientation setting in the duty roster report.
»Border lines are now printed on the duty roster report.

Version 6.8.6
»Nightly build

Version 6.8.5 - released on February 22nd 2010
»Fixed button display of the query color setting screen.
»Added "All" in the department selection of the query color settings screen.
»Fixed background color display of duty rosters with departments.
»Added inline assignment checking in the shift/day query based on the shift settings.

Version 6.8.4
»Fixed problem about holiday files not found.

Version 6.8.3
»Fixed reporting bug that caused reporting problems on some systems.
»Fixed inline assignment setting bug (not updating the color after approving)
»Restyled "duty roster" report
»Re-introduced: month planner.

Version 6.8.2
»Fixed bug appearing when using the keyboard to assign shifts.
»Fixed "file not found" bug when displaying reports.
»New feature: inline assignment checking : If an assignment doesn't corresponds with the settings, a red square will be shown in the bottom right corner of the cell:

»New feature: Click right on a cell that has a scheduling problem (red square is visible) and choose 'Approve assignment'. This will replace the red square by a green one, indicating you don't have to look at this further.
»New option at 'advanced settings' menu: 'shift work day relations' allows you to set the shift which has to be assign after a certain shift has been assigned in the past days.
»New option at 'advanced settings' menu: 'shift work time relations' allows you to set the shift which has to be assign after a certain number of work hours has been assigned in the past days.

Version 6.8.1
»Updates in the Dutch translation file.

Version 6.8
»Increased the performance of the autoscheduling option.
»Increased the performance of the settings menu (when loading & saving).
»Shifts can be imported from excel.
»Employee settings can be imported from excel.
»"Repetitive option" added to leave and attendance screen.
»New speedbutton : switch the shift assignment between two employees on a day.
»New speedbutton : put the schedule in read/write mode.
»Plan-It is obsolete since one year, the ClockIt interface has been removed in this version. As alternative we suggest using ClockIt-Online
»The add-ons month and year planner have been removed due to incompatibility issues with Windows. As alternative we suggest using ClockIt-Online
»ClockIt-Online interface : you'll only have to enter your password and username once per ClockIt:Easy schedule creator instance and ClockIt-Online interface (like shift upload/shift download) (instead of everytime in previous versions).
»Guided tours option has been removed from the help menu, as alternative, online demo movies have been created.
»New option at 'advanced settings' menu: 'shift relations' allows you to set the shift which has to be assign after assigning another one. This way ClockIt will automatically schedule a series of shifts that are grouped together.
»Smaller fixes and enhancements.

Version 6.3->6.7
»Private versions for several companies to allow the use of our ClockIt software in their business.

Version 6.2
»Automatic scheduling: improved the method to determine the best assignable shift.
»New menu item: Options\Advanced settings : set "when to work" and "average to work".
»Smaller fixes and enhancements.

Version 6.1.2

»Automatic scheduling: improved the method to determine the best assignable shift.
»Fixed problem with leave and attendance setup.
»Fixed problem with the report "Worked Hours", when using departments.
»ClockIt-Online: the shift synchronization is now based on the 24 time format.
»The help file is restyled.
»Smaller fixes and enhancements.

Version 6.1.1

»General fixes and enhancements.

Version 6.1 (release date: 28 September 2007)
»New option: set availability exceptions.
»New ClockIt-Online option: download availability exceptions.

Version 6.0

»New report: Worked Hours
»New sidebar items: Leave and Attendance
»New option to hide an employee, with remembering assigned shifts
»Hide employee add-on has become obsolete.
»Additional Info Bar options :
 -Save to file.
 -Automatically save to file on save schedule

»Allowing an absent time higher than the shift time.
»Introduction of Autoscheduling version 3.
»Autoscheduling version 1 and version 2 are no longer available.
»Custom query: add/remove shift to an existing query is now possible.
»Employee display name: add employee function to employee screen name.
»Employee display name: add employee number to employee screen name.
»Employee settings - availability: marked cells now indicate "unavailability", to correspond with the look & feel of ClockIt-Online.
»Employee settings - availability: restyled screen: availability can be
set up to half an hour, to correspond with the look & feel of ClockIt-Online.

»Employee settings: when selecting another employee, you remain on the active tabsheet.
»Increased loading speed when opening a schedule.
»Autoscheduling: Make planned leave an additional input.
»New Autoscheduling options: Set minimum & maximum occurrence on employee-function
& shift group level.
»New report: Attendance.
»New report: Leave.
»New report: overtime.

»New settings option: Attendance.
»New settings option: Leave color.
»Remember print settings.
»Restyled "Shift Availability" screen.
»Restyled "Worked Hours" query: overtime & absent time information has been moved to the Worked Hours report.
»Shift options: set the shift time that occurs before & after midnight.
»Sidebar item "Cell comment " has been restyled.
»Sidebar item actions now apply to all selected cells.

»The autoscheduling settings have been moved to the Settings menu.
»The date range to include for displaying the Employees/Shifts query is no longer fixed to a day-week-month.
»The date range to include for displaying the Worked Hours query is no longer fixed to a day-week-month.
»The items to select in the Custom Query have been renamed from "Custom Query" to "Shift Groups".

Version 5.4.1

» Updates for ClockIt-Online: Now you can upload & download shifts from your online account.

» Smaller updates and fixes.

Version 5.4

» Introducing ClockIt-Online.
» Access ClockIt-Online directly from within ClockIt.

» Minor tweaks & modifications.

Version 5.3.1

» New report: Shift Optimization.
» New report: Employee Optimization.

» Automatic Scheduling: added new options.
» Automatic Scheduling: shift min/max bug fixed.
» Week header text display can be adjusted.
» In-Schedule Shift detail: use ALT+Click on an assigned shift.
» In-Schedule Employee detail: use ALT+Click on an employee.

Version 5.3

» Added tutorials and guided tours.
» Enhancement: Automatic department labeling.
» Enhancement: Comment handling options.

» Enhancement: Sort employees.
» Employee Settings: Set employee to work between x and y hours
» Options: Show today on schedule start up.
» AutoScheduling: Use same shift as day before.
» Internationalization: fixed some translation glitches.

» Minor fixes & enhancements.

Version 5.2.3

» Enhancement: Duty Roster: Show shift detail.
» Fix: calculation of shifts that end at midnight.

Duty roster report

Version 5.2.2
» New report : show assignments on a calendar view.
» Network functionality: notify if the file is already in use.

» New report : show assignment details per employee.
» New option : define the first week of the year.
» New option : show today.
» Minor fixes & enhancements.

Version 5.2.1

» Increased calculation speed when assigning shifts.
» New feature: show information about schedule at start up.
   (save a .txt or .rtf file with the same name as your schedule in the same directory as your schedule.)
» New add-on: hide employees.

» Fixed problem with auto-update checker.
» Fixed 'lock cells' on weekends when using autoscheduling v2.
» Smaller fixes & enhancements.

Version 5.2

» ClockIt is multilingual ! Currently available: English and Dutch.
ClockIt users will be able to add their own translation !
» Fix for statusbar glitch when using ClockIt on windows xp (with themes).
» Smaller fixes & enhancements.

Version 5.1

» Restyled query color setting.
» Version 2.0 of the automatic scheduling option:
      • Locked cells will not be scheduled.

      • Multiple Iterations.

Version 5.0.3
» Added new feature: Layers: show/hide scheduled shifts.
» Added option to automatically check for updates.

» Restyled options screen.
» Restyled color selection.

Version 5.0.2
» Added Vcard import/export for employee information.

Version 5.0.1
» Minor upgrades & adjustments.

Version 5
» Added option to allow multiple shifts per day/employee.
» Added option to allow custom date format display.
» Added Ability to hide the week & month-year header.
» Paste from clipboard: only pasting over selected cells instead of whole area

» Enhanced Shift-key usage(1): hold shift & double click on the day/week or month-year (if applicable) header to extend your selection.
» Enhanced Shift-key usage(2): hold the shift key in your schedule to extend your current selection
» Schedule File modification: over & absent time are saved in a new format.
(not backwards compatible)
» Added Vcard support (version 1.2) for employee import & export.

Version 4.4.7

» Schedule File mofication: over & absent time are saved in a new format. (not backwards compatible)
» New feature: Macro Recording
» Restyled the hint info of over & absent time

» Restyled management of over & absent time
» Restyled program look

Version 4.4.6
» Added plug-in for custom add-ons
» Plan-It can be used within ClockIt

» Deleting shifts will be a lot faster if the command bar and queries are not shown.
» BarSchedule is replaced with the monthviewer add-on
» Weeks can start on Saturday
» Lots of internal enhancements.

month planner add-on

Version 4.4.5
» Introducing automatic scheduling (Version 1.0)
» Introducing file protection
» New Shift-input : break time
» Restyled shift setup

» Making the command bar invisible will no longer update the history.
(allows faster calculation times)
» New employee setup tab: assignable shifts
» Restyled Custom Query setup
» Fixed USB printing problem
» Updated saving of schedule colors

» Schedules with departments can still be opened but new ones cannot be created.
» Various smaller updates & fixes

Use different color settings

ClockIt V4.4.4
» Small fixes & updates

» Internal enhancements

Protect your file from reading and/or editing

ClockIt V4.4.3
» Error when absent time is greater then assigned time for an employee is fixed
» Error when absent time or overtime is higher then 99 is fixed

» When copying shifts, the color of that shift will be copied as well
» When copying shifts, the queries will be instantly updated.

ClockIt V4.4.2
» Holiday handling updated

ClockIt V4.4.1

» Added some print reports: Print Employees & Shifts
» Extended keyboard function: assign a shift by pressing the first character of the shift on a cell
» Fixed bug: Employee data - General Information - Other: multi-lines are now saved correctly
» Extended color setup

» New menu item: View Mode <> Update Mode

Print or export your employee & shift info

ClockIt V4.4
» Added additional employee settings : Availability
» Added additional Shift settings : Availability

» Added the Information bar
» New Setup Item: messages to show in the information bar
» Second column of the Custom Query is a fixed column
» Upgraded the undo/redo times to unlimited
» Improved export to excel file

» New Menu : Search
» New Function: Find Shift
» New Function: Replace Shift
» The Quick Insert Menu has been moved to the menu item Search
» Toolbar Items can be dragged and customary arranged

» Simplified cell copying (copy-paste)
» Restyled Wizard
» Extended File Information is saved
» File format from before Version 4.3 is no longer supported
» Extended the menu items

» Fixed the bug: moving employee while query shift/employee was open
» Assign color per shift
» Set new property: show/hide bands +primary & secondary color setting
» Print bands

» Week and Months that are showing only one day can now be deleted
» Print cell font (color, style)
» Extended help file support: pressing F1 on most windows will result in a help file popup about the on screen topic.
» Fixed printing multi line department schedule
» Smaller Updates & bug fixes

ClockIt V4.3.1/2
» We've added the possibility to arrange the shifts as you like instead of the creation order.
» With this version release, you'll be able to keep track of worked overtime/absence... and directly see the effected on the total worked hours for a specific period for an employee
» Changed 'Working type' into 'shifts'
» Added Page Setup (printing) for each grid

» Restyled update tool.

» Show weeks of month.
» Added a new schedule dimension : Show departments per day.
» Group employees by function.

» Show bands per employee
» Multiple months are possible, by one click, you can extend your schedule with a month or week.
» Combine, add, remove days, weeks, months.
» Modified selection of cells: click on a header to select all corresponding cells
» Hiding cells to print parts of your schedule is replaced by "print selected cells"

» Custom Query: Number of custom queries (five in current version) is extended to unlimited.
» New File algorithm: displays your view as you saved it.
» Enhanced "Quick insert menu" to allow selection of employee function & department.

» Add comments to grid cells (like in excel)
» Ability to make the Shift of selected cells bold.
» Added new keyboard shortcuts to edit your schedule
» When moving over a holiday, only this holiday will be show instead of all holidays for that month.
» Added some additional features to the printing options.

» "Worked Hours" can be locked to only display those of the selected days.
» Adjusting items is simplified.
» When setting up the holidays, you can choose between template files for different countries.
» To allow anonymous email, a new link is provided that will connect you with our online contact form
» ...
» Some minor updates & bug fixes.

ClockIt V4.2.1

» Allowing files to be dropped into ClockIt.
» Shifts can have up to nine characters instead of two.
» Change font of grids.
» Use colors to mark minimum & maximum values .

» Icon display of main grid is fully editable.
» All-in-one setup display.
» Add additional information beside the shift
» Some minor updates & bug fixes.

ClockIt V4.2
» Grid exporting to XLS (excel), DOC (word) and HTLM (internet).
» Zooming the grid : ctrl + drag left mouse.
» Dragging the grid : click & scroll mouse wheel

» Scrolling the mouse wheel will no longer override the cells.
» Extended printing features, with preview, custom styling ...
» Automatic backup feature.
» Hiding days to enable creation of week schedules.
» Added menu item to quickly open frequently used files.

» Windows XP look.
» Added editing tool buttons for easier working.
» The maingrid can be copy/pasted into any text editor (eg Word).
» The popup menu of the maingrid is extended with editing commands.
» Some minor updates & bug fixes.

ClockIt V4.1 > V4.1.4
» Minor updates & bug fixes

ClockIt V4.1
» Use the wizard to set up new schedules (from scratch or by using a template)

» Use different tools to create and check your schedule.
» Print the grid, using icons, codes, or bargraph (per person).
» Printing is based upon "Print what you see".
» Copy, Cut, Paste between different work schedules.

» Open, create and adjust multiple schedules within one program instance.
» Save your work and use it on other computers (with ClockIt installed).

ClockIt V4.0
» Beta version ... first steps to database independent software

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