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ClockIt-Online - Leave management & reporting module updated

Today (Sunday, April 10th), we released ClockIt-Online V4.6, including updates to following modules :

  • Leave type management
  • Reporting


Leave type management : Now you can indicate a color code for each leave type :

Leave type mgmt module

Tip & Trick : Company calendar and groups


I'd like to share a tip and trick about the company calendar module that might be useful to you :

With our recent changes in the calendar module, additional settings were made available. For instance now you can display the calendar for a full year.

Downside of this is, the more days you want to display, the longer you have to wait before the calendar is fully loaded.

One way of avoiding this, is to use Groups.

ClockIt-Online - Leave management module updated

Today (Sunday, October 3th), we released a small update on the leave management module of ClockIt-Online:

Now, by default, leave managers won't be able to handle (approve/deny) their own requests. You can allow this by setting the access rule "Can leave managers, manage their own requests ?" on the leave mgmt tab of the access module.

ClockIt-Online new version release on Sunday, September 19th

With this mail, we'd like to inform you about the changes that will be applied in our next version release, scheduled for Sunday, September 19th.

In this release, we focused on adding functionalities for the leave request and leave management modules.

What's new:
- We've added a new screen : Leave detail screen & logging (who did what, who has to do what)
- You can set up a template to use when sending leave request mails :

- You can now set up to look and feel of the leave request module :

ClockIt-Online server migration Wednesday September 8th 10AM CET

Goal :
This is to inform you, ClockIt-Online will be migrated to another server.
We don't expect any impact, you can continue using ClockIt-Online during this migration.

Last couple of days, we encountered some downtime for ClockIt-Online. In our continues effort of providing you the best service, both by support as by application stability, we decided move ClockIt-Online to a new server.

This migration is scheduled on Wednesday September 8th, at 10AM CET(= 08 AM GMT, = 03 AM EST).

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