ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator

How to translate ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator to my own language?

We're using an open standard to translate ClockIt in to other languages, the only thing you need is to download the ClockIt source file and to download a PO-file editor. You can find various PO-file editors on the web. We recommend using po-edit.

So, download the source file + download and install a po-editor.

How to display additional date information in the day, week and month header?

By default, your ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator duty roster is displayed with three headers:
In the first, the year and the month are shown, in the second the week number and in the third the day number.

In the settings (Menu > Options > Settings) at the Schedule Look > Display Options, you can modify the number of headers to show, as well as the information to display :

How do I define a shift (with breaks)?

A shift example:

  • from 0830 to 1015
  • 15 minute paid break
  • 1030 to 1200
  • 1 hour unpaid break
  • 1300 to 1530

First, go to the setup menu and enter all data for your new shift:

shift setup screen

How do I create a shift that passes midnight?

To add a shift that passes midnight, you have to perform the same action as when adding a day shift.
The only thing that's different is that you'll have to create two "shift items" one with the time before midnight,
the other with the time after midnight. We've created some screenshots to explain this for a shift from 21:30 to 05:30 :

1. Because this shift uses half hours, you'll first have to set the time line to display half hours: right click on the time line and choose for '30 minutes'.

Can I assign two or more shifts to the same employee on the same day?

To assign multiple shifts to the same employee on the same day, you have to enable 'departments'. This is done by selecting "Options > Show Info Column" in the menu.

Menu Show InfoCol

After selecting this option, you'll see an additional column:

Extra Column

Click on a cell to add your department info, enter the text and press enter (or click somewhere else to save)

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